Captains Awards 2021

Torremolinos, Spain.

As the year of 2020 ended, and as the world was still in the mists of the Covid Pandemic, social gatherings were still banned under Irish Government guidelines. On New Years Eve, our Captain, Martin Hewitt, instead of sending out the usual “New Year’s” best wishes across our social media channels and WhatsApp group, decided to acknowledge the tireless efforts and charitable works that the many among the Ballybrack Seagulls had done across the two challenging years of the Covid Pandemic and carried out virtual Captain’s Award ceremony over WhatsApp on the New Years eve of 2020.

This virtual Awards ceremony proved a huge success and on the back of this the Ballybrack Seagull’s committee, decided to make this Awards ceremony a real in person event as we came out of the Covid Pandemic in 2021.

Now as we are the Ballybrack Seagulls, and we are playing away since 2016, we couldn’t be hosting the new Annual Captain’s Award Ceremony in Ireland, oh no that wouldn’t fit our ethos!

No, we needed to find venue and location that, involved us leaving Ireland and as a gift to ourselves, some where we could enjoy some Winter sunshine.

The venue and location that won of affection, was the Hotel La Barracuda, Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain.

This proved be an ideal location facilitating our large travelling group of Seagull’s, Shegulls and Babygulls with the Baileys international bar Montemar, Torremolinos proving to be a home away from home Club House for the Seagulls.

Young Seagull of the Year

Winner: Tiarnán O’Kelly

Irish Football Supporter of the Year

Winner: George “Skiddely” “The silent Drummer” Downer

Seagull Player of the Year

Winner: Shane “The Boyband” O’Kelly 

Management Team of the Year

Winner: Ray “The Gaffer” Downer

Winner: Noel “Nipper” Finn

Seagulls Supporter of the Year

Winner: Alfie O’Kelly

Winner: Grace O’Kelly

Winner: Claire O’Kelly

Winner: Abigael O’Sullivan 

Winner: Bobby O’Sullivan 

Winner: Lesley O’Sullivan 

Winner: Angela Campbell

Winner: Michelle Hewitt

Winner: Katie Hewitt

Seagulls Goal of the Season

Winner: Sean “Yaya” Cummins

Outstanding Contribution to Irish Football

Winner: James “The Bell” 🔔 Finnerty

The Captain’s Choice Award

Winner: Wayne “Trivago” O’Sullivan

Seagulls Designer of the Year

Winner: Mark “Chiropractor” O’Sullivan

Seagull of the Year

Winner: Dean Archibald 

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