Captains Awards 2022

Torremolinos, Spain.

Below are the winners from the 2022 Captain’s Awards Ceremony held in Torremolinos, Spain.

The Day the Seagulls Broke the Internet Award

Winner: Wayne O’Sullivan

Winner: Shane O’Kelly

Winner: Mark O’Sullivan

Winner: Noel Finn

Winner: Stephen Brady

Winner: Ray D’arcy

Winner: Mark O’Sullivan

Winner: George Downer

The Seagulls Tik Tok’er of the Year

Winner: Grace O’Kelly

The Seagulls Ultimate Collaboration of the Year

Winner: Alfie O’Kelly

Winner: Roan Wallace

Winner: Mark O’Sullivan

The Seagulls Supporters of the Year

Winner: Paul Byrne

Winner: Julia Byrne

The Young Gull Player of the Year

Winner: Bobby O’Sullivan

The Seagulls Manager of the Year

Winner: Christopher King

The Seagulls Goal of the Year

Winner: Paul Osborne

The Seagulls Golden Glove of the Year

Winner: Jason Keogh

The Seagulls Breaking Boundaries Award

Winner: Freya Downer

Winner: Deirbhle Geraghty

The Outstanding Contribution to Football Award

Winner: James Mowlds

The Seagulls Stand by Your Man Award

Winner: Lesley O’Sullivan

Winner: Suzanne Downer

The Seagulls Come Back of a Lifetime Award

Winner: Sarah Jackson

The Seagulls Getting Yaya Cummins Home to his Hotel Award

Winner: Conor Lanigan

The Most Handsome Seagull (AKA “Ride”) of Year

Winner: Robert ‘Benny’ Dunne

The Seagulls Outstanding Achievement Award

Winner: Feargal Anderson

Winner: Kevin McArdle

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