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  • Captains Awards 2022

    Captains Awards 2022

    Torremolinos, Spain. Below are the winners from the 2022 Captain’s Awards Ceremony held in Torremolinos, Spain. The Day the Seagulls Broke the Internet Award Winner: Wayne O’Sullivan Winner: Shane O’Kelly Winner: Mark O’Sullivan Winner: Noel Finn Winner: Stephen Brady Winner: Ray D’arcy Winner: Mark O’Sullivan Winner: George Downer The Seagulls Tik Tok’er of the Year […]

  • Captains Awards 2021

    Captains Awards 2021

    Torremolinos, Spain. As the year of 2020 ended, and as the world was still in the mists of the Covid Pandemic, social gatherings were still banned under Irish Government guidelines. On New Years Eve, our Captain, Martin Hewitt, instead of sending out the usual “New Year’s” best wishes across our social media channels and WhatsApp […]

  • Mom’s Spaghetti

    Mom’s Spaghetti

    Detroit City, 20th March 2022. Having capped off our return to play post the Covid Pandemic in 2021, unbeaten, along with our extremely successful “Captains awards Weekend” in Malaga, Spain in early December, it was time for the Ballybrack Seagulls to dust off the passports again and head Stateside to pick up on a trip […]

  • The only way is…Winning!

    The only way is…Winning!

    Southend-on-Sea, 27th November, 2021. Following our extremely successful trip to Naples, where the Ballybrack Seagulls defeated the Caserta Lions, it was time to set out sights on our next adventure. So the Ballybrack Seagulls, aka the “Neapolitan Dynamites”, set themselves up for a first and “The Only Way” that could be done, was for the […]

  • Boopa-dee


    Naples, 17th October 2021. Wow, who would have thought what was to follow as the Ballybrack Seagulls departed Daxing Airport, Beijing, on the 6th of November 2019? The worldwide “China Crisis”, saw Football suspended, Airlines collapsing, economies in turmoil, worldwide travel suspended and international lockdowns a common conversational piece on all forms of news outlets. […]

  • Nine Million Bicycles

    Nine Million Bicycles

    Beijing, 3rd November 2019. Having scoured through two continents by this stage, it was time for the Ballybrack Seagulls to spread the wings and travel further afield. The Seagulls were about to embark on their longest long haul trip to date and venture to the “Country of the Dragon” and the continent of Asia to […]

  • FOXy in USA

    FOXy in USA

    Connecticut, 10th March 2019. Having reach our “Valhalla” following our visit to Iceland, it was time for the Ballybrack Seagulls to reach out to the Irish diaspora and connect with the descendants of Irish people who live outside the island of Ireland. Ireland has long suffered the curse of emigration from her lands with many […]

  • Nice Geezers

    Nice Geezers

    Reykjavík, 10th November 2018. The Ballybrack Seagulls mini tour of continental Europe has seen them soar through the Swiss Alps on route to the Tulip fields of Amsterdam before laying praise at the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  It was now time for the Seagulls to dig deep into their very own Norse DNA […]

  • Messi in Spain

    Messi in Spain

    Barcelona, 8th March 2018. On the back of the their Dutch Master Class, it was time for the Ballybrack Seagulls to take flight once again. Time to visit a city that was portraying its self as the new home of “Total Football”.  Time to visit BARCELONA! Match Day 4 saw a flock of Seagulls travel in […]

  • Dutch Gold

    Dutch Gold

    Amsterdam, 4th November 2017. With the Seagulls having soared high through the Swiss Alps it was time to find our next destination to travel to. We needed a place that could match the “high” of the Swiss Alps but also keep us level grounded. Where could we possibly go that could offer us this? Yes, […]